My name is Danny Alon and I will be attending the reunion with my father , David. I am 33 years old, married + 2 children. I am a practicing physician (studied in Jerusalem). I was born in Israel and we live in Kefar Sava.

All of my grandparents were born in Bukovina - 3 of them in Cz (Mosche Ellenbogen, Paula Heitner and Oskar Rosenstock) and one in Sereth (Klara Rosenthal).

My interest in Cz started long ago - in its unique cultural landscape and its social, religious and linguistic diversity.  I used to hear lots of German as a child who spent many wonderful hours at his grandparents, listening to fascinating stories regarding both the old hometown, the deportations to Transnistria, the Aliya and the first years in Israel as well as in the detention camps in Cyprus. I later learned the language professionally. Finding the Internet group and the planned reunion was a true celebration.

I speak Hebrew, English and German. I do understand Yiddish quite well. My father is an insurance agent and is 58 years old. My parents were both born in British detention camps - at Atlit and in Cyprus. They live in Petach - Tikva. My father's interest in Cz and in the journey has arisen through mine. He is now very enthusiastic and is looking forward to seeing the city, its surroundings and the jewish graveyard. He speaks Hebrew, English, some German and good Yiddish. Upon reaching 18, he decided to change his name from Ellenbogen to Alon in order to make it sound more hebrew - according to the trend those days. We are all Alons ever since.

Looking forward to meeting you all,