My name is Gabrielle EISENSCHER, Advocate living in Paris France; my father, Arie Albert EISENSCHER lives in Belfort France.

I would like to register my ancesters. As far as we know a part of the family lived in Stryj or Zuraswano, but my great grand father Israel ( born 1862 Zuraswno) who had a restaurant in Czernowitz arrived one fine day there; he married Augusta KORBER

All their children, Eugen, Amalia, Fannia, Jakob, Marika, Sabina, and Joseph my grand father were born in Czernowitz. My grand Father married Dora SCHAUBER.

My father was born on July 17th 1941 at one of those ugliest moments. I got some pictures from my family but  you can not imagine how much I would love sharing any information.

Apart my father, his cousin ( Eugen 's daughter ) and her children are the only surviving part even of the Eisenscher family global branch ( and except the ones who had moved to USA mainly before 1900.

I thank you for your help
Best regards