Cornel Fleming:

ok, iguess its my turn. born nov 36.   grew up in czernowitz. survived the war there because my mum did some work and study in bucarest and met and became friends with one of romanias royal when things got nasty we had a rum army sentry outside..which kept a houseful of jews alive.  

my real father died in 1941, and i am trying to find his grave. since he was living"underground" at the time i am not doing too well so far.   

in 45 a czech army armoured train was based in czern. for a time and my mother met and married my stepfather, originally from bratislava. we went with the train as it fought its way through to czechoslovakia,  stayed for a while and when the reds became noisy we migrated to australia.  

did medicicine.then started travelling.

israel for a while then england for a degree in aviation medicine, then back  to chel ha, avir. i have 3 ribbons on my uniform....6day war, attrition and yom kippur.    was at ben gurion when sadat came, it all seemed peaceful so went travelling again and got stuck in have 2 offspring and run a large family practice in london.       

and thats about it