Lucca Ginsberg:

By now I have many people who know me- and about me - in the Czernowitz circle, but  in the course of a personal introduction I can still mention some names of family and friends in the hope that I will get a response.

I myself spent my first 16 years in Czernowitz and up to the present time I still long for the city of my birth. 

I did not join the reunion for several reasons, but I envied those who did very much. After nearly half acentury, I returned to Czernowitz in 1996 and my short stay there caused me the proverbial mixed feelings, happiness and sadness in equal measure.  The most bittersweet days of my life.

My maiden name was Koch, actually Rachel Koch, but known as Lucca. I would like to know if anybody, in the course of life, has come across  my beloved aunt Riva Tuchmann, married to Muziu Tuchmann, both leading sports people with Maccabi in Czernowitz. They were sent to Siberia by the Soviets where they barely survived and when they finally arrived in Israel, they were broken in body and spirit.

I furthermore had an uncle and aunt named Seidale and Peppi Koch, they had two sons a few years older than me, named Benno and Joji. They both frequented the L.E.G.(?)gymnasium  in Czernowitz before they were sent to Transnistria. The parents are no longer alive, but both my cousins live in Tel-Aviv.

My mother's maiden name was Weisinger, I tried to trace Weisingers before but without success. I also searched for former school friends  and published all my kindergarten and school pictures on the Czernowitz site.I did not receive the response which I had anticipated. Esty Eisenfeld did not go to the Meisler school with me, but we became friends in Curacao. She was a niece of Mr. Fuhrmann, the well-known firm Spritzer and Furhmann, world-wide jewelers. The Fuhrmann firm was also known in Czernowitz, it was an elegant men's wear store named "Nervin and Fuhrmann" If possible, I would like to locate Esty, whose married name I don't know...

My personal history is more or less known, partially thanks to a book which I wrote and published called "A reason why", which describes my childhood and early youth in Czernowitz prior to leaving for a Caribbean island, Curacao where I lived with my family until arrival to Israel.

After trying for many years, it would be nice to get some kind of information, and in case available, my direct e-mail is

Thanks in advance,