Jerry Lapides:

My name is Jerry Lapides I was born in Czernowitz in 1931. When I was born my parents were already US citizens, so I was issued a US birth certificate.

My mother was Teka Glasberg and was born in 1911 in Czernowitz at 49 Neuweltgasse. By the time I born it was 49 Marashesthi and when I visited Czernowitz in 1996 it was 49 Shevchenko. My father was born in 1901 in the Jewish area of Czernowitz.

In 1934 my parents and I immigrated to Palestine from the US. My maternal grandparents were Samuel and Fanny (Engler) Glasberg. When you visit the synagogue in Czernowitz you can see my grandfather's name as one of the founders.

Lately I discovered that my maternal grandfather Samuel was born in Kuti.

Jerry Lapides, Ph.D.