My name is Albert Linder, I was born in 1936 in Chernowitz where my parents lived on Steingasse  street. My father, Samuel Linder comes from Kiselev  and my mother Fannie Schaier comes from Banila. In June 1941 my  grandparents in Banila were killed by their neighbors in a Pogrom that saw over  100 Jews killed in this village.  In October, 1941 our family (my  parents, 15 month old sister Yehudith and my father's parents)  was  deported to a camp in Bershad, Transnistria. We arrived in the Camp at end  of December 1941. Within the first few weeks my sister and grandparents died of  typhus and hunger. My parents and I returned to Chernowitz in June  1944 and soon decided to leave again to go to Palestine.

We spend 10 months in Bucharest waiting for our turn with the Jewish Underground to get out of Romania to a western country for our trip to  Palestine. In April 1945 the Bricha got us into Padua, Italy our  first DP Camp.  We spend 4 years in Italian DP Camps (Padua, Cremona and Trani) run by  UNRWA.

In June 1949 We immigrated to America, where my parents had their only surviving siblings, who came to America in the 1920's. In Italy the Camp schools  were run by Chayalim form Palestine and our curriculum was identical to that in Palestine and Hebrew became my daily language.

I came to America one week before my Bar Mitzvah and started High School in the fall at Yeshiva University's Talmudical Academy High. After High School I went to City College of New York, where I received my Bachelors in Mechanical and Masters in Electrical Engineering. I spend my professional career with companies like ITT, RCA and IBM.

I have two daughters, both artists. My younger daughter and I went back to Bukovina 5 years ago, where we visited Chernowitz, Kiselev, Banila and Bershad.
It was a memorable experience for both of us and we have many photographs and  video from this trip. This past April I shared my experience on Yom Hashoah with  the Jewish community of Stamford, New Canaan and Darienin Connecticut where we  live, using photographs from our family and the trip.