Dear All,

1.  Arthur Rindner

2.  Born in Czernowitz, in the Russischegaße.  There is a big debate about this,  some people have told me that there was no hospital in the Russischegaße.  My cousin, Grete says that they are incorrect, since she was in the taxi with my mother as we all drove home from the hospital.

I was crying all the way home where it was found that the safety pin holding my diaper, had opened up and it was sticking me in my tusick.!!!  I think that's enough proof.

After the WWII went to the same school in Cz as Mimi and there is a good possibility we were in the same class.

3.  Israel

4.  Mother tongue German.  I also speak, Serbo-Croatian and broken Romanian and of course, English.

5.  I left Cz in 1945 and later immigrated to Israel with my father and grandmother, my mother did not survive Tranistria, her family name was Blond.  I  worked for Pan American World Airways since 1962 in all capacities including sales and reservations and immigrated to the US in 1968.

After the demise of PAA, I worked for the US Government as an Aviation Safety Inspector.

I have had one wife for 43 years and one daughter for 41 years who both reside in Israel.

Auf Wiedersehen in Czernowitz