My name is William D. Rosenzweig and I'm a recently retired professor of biology from West Chester University in West Chester, PA.  My area of specialization is environmental microbiology.  I now live in Tucson,  AZ with my lovely wife Marlene.  

I was born in New York City and my connection to this list is through my father's side of the family.  My grandfather, Wilhelm (William) Rosenzweig was born in January 1870.  While I don't know exactly where he was born it may have been in the Czernowitz-Sadagora area as his younger brother Herman was born in September 1878 in Rohozna.  

Wilhelm and Herman parents were Edgar Rosenzweig and Rebecca Weiss.  Wilhelm married Fani Gottlieb (her parents Mendel Gottlieb and Riva Wolf lived in Czernowitz) and they lived in Sadagora. Wilhelm emigrated to New York City and arrived on May 20, 1897 (although I cannot find him on any ship's manifest).  

Fani followed in 1901 with their son David who was born around 1894.  In NYC, Wilhelm and Fani had two more sons Harry and my father Emanuel.   Wilhelm brother Herman married Lotte Wolf (her parents were Jonas and Jitte Wolf).  

Herman and Lotte had two daughters, Rela (born 1909) and Julie (born 1911) both born in Czernowitz.  Herman, Lotte and family moved to Vienna after the Nazis came to power and were ultimately deported to the Minsk Ghetto where they died.  

Rela and Julie and their husbands escaped the Nazis and made their way first to Lyon, France where they lived for a while and then to Casablanca, Morocco.  In Casablanca they got passage on the Portuguese steamship Guine and arrived in NYC on July 21, 1941.  They spent the rest of their lives in NYC.  That is about as much of the Czernowitz-Sadagora connection as I've been able to discover so far.  

Thanks for "listening to my ramblings".  Regards to all.

Bill Rosenzweig
Tucson, AZ