my nane is rita margalit-shilo. i was born in buckarest, 1947.

my father, ben-zion margalit (margulies) was born in tarnopol, and at the age of 4 years (1914) moved to cz., and lived there till he (and my mother)were deported to transnistria. his mother origin is from wiznitz.

my mothers' family origin is from banila (walzer).

so my father grew up on cz. studied at the yeshiva, and at the jewish highschool. he then went for the univercity stydies to vienna, and returned to marry my mother, and start up their own family. they were expelled to berchad, and survived those terrible and unhuman years there.

after the war, they returned to cz. but decided, that as it was ukraina, they better get out of that place as soon as possible. they moved to buckarest, and there i and my sister were born. we came to israel with the transilvania on may 1951.

i spoke german at home with my mother, and hebrew with my father. i graduater law school at t.a universuty, and practice law for some years,and then i diverted to psychotherapy and family therapy. as i studied for my m.s.w. in n.y., i had practiced my english there and after.

i'm married, to gidi, who will join me to this trip,have three daughters, and three grand-daughters, so, this is a bit about me