Zvi Straucher

My name is Zvi Straucher I live in Haifa Israel my profession is Human Factors Engineering and I retired from full time work several years ago. Now I do some consultation work and instruct Student-projects at the Technion. I joined the list in 2002.

My interest in Czernowitz stems from my name. All the years I knew that Benno Straucher had some family connections to us and that he was "an important man" but the details about him where a taboo and we never discussed any it in our family.

As the internet got accessible to every one I once searched for my family name. This occurred at the begging of the present century when no relevant member of my fathers' family was alive any more for some first hand history. (my father passed away in 1993).

From 2000-2003 I searched the internet corresponded with the "Chesed Shoshana" organization in Czernowitz and got some information about Benno Straucher and his family. I tried also to get any information from my late mother Shelly who passed away in 2003.
Now I have some personal explanations for the reasons why Benno was a persona-non-grata in our family but I leave it to some future discussions.

I myself was born in Roman in 1944 my father Wilhelm Straucher dealt with the wood industry and my mother was born in Suceava Rumania (Maiden name Weinberg). Her father Hirsch Weinberg died in Transnistria in about 1941.

My parents left Rumania in 1950 Since then we live in Israel. I am interested in any information about the Straucher family in Czernowitz or anywhere else and also in families Weinberg from Suceava, Neger from  Kimpulung.  Rizenberg, Glaubach and Russler from Czernowitz, and Lehr in Rumania.

Best regards Zvi Straucher