Ethel Tillinger:

Dear Chernovitsers

I've been reading with envy your emails about your coming trip to Czernowitz and wish I could accompany you. My parents lived in Czernowitz, my mother Paula Krumholtz was born there, my father Naftalia Tillinger was born in Vishnits but came to Czernowitz as a 13 year apprentice to a furrier. They married and lived in Czernowitz before being sent to Mogilev in Transnsitria.

I wonder if any of you knew them (they're both dead now) and you'll most certainly walk the streets they walked. I visited Czernowitz and Vishnits on my own in 1992 and would so love to be going with all of you. I live in Australia  and work as a therapist and counsellor so getting away at such short notice is impossible but my heart is travelling with you and I'm drinking up all the stories about life in Czernowitz.

Thank you for the slender email links (I feel like an illegal listener so I thought I'd tell you I was here).

Warm regards
Ethel Tillinger