Asher Turtel

1.  Asher Turtel

2.  Born in Czernowitz, in the Lilliengasse July 1941. Being 11 weeks old we (my g. mother Taube Krattenstein nee Waldhorn, my mother Gusta nee Krattenstein, my father Lazar Turtel and me) were deported to Tranistria Mogilev. My g. mother did not survive Tranistria.

After the WWII we returned to Cz. But my father said that he had a bad experience with the Russian regime and we went south and lived in Bucharest till 1950. Then we went to Israel.

3.  From 1950 I live in Israel.

4.  Mother tongue German speech and reading well, have difficulties in writing.  I also speak, read and write English and broken Romanian and of course, Hebrew.

5. I left Cz in 1945 (or 1946) and later lived with my parents in Bucharest, than immigrated to Israel with my parents.

6. Here are my family trees in pdf format:

Buller   Krattenstein   Turtel   Waldhorn