Family Trees from Yosi Eshet

I based my genalogical research on the families of my four grandparents starting with their parents (my Great-grandparents)

Descendants of Jacob Jankel Nokhemovski - My maternal Great Grandfather: 
The Parents of my Maternal Grandfather Israel Srul Isidor Ruhm were: Jankel Jacob Nokhemowski and Beyle Ruhm (G-Grandmother).

Descendants of Zlate Perlstein Wolf (Bernstein) - My paternal Great Grandmother:  The parents of my Paternal Grandfather Yudl Leib Leon Wolf were: Meier Hersh Wolf and Zlate Perlstein Bernstein (G-Grandmother).

Descendants of Shmil Leib Weiner  - My maternal Great Grandfather: The parents of my Maternal Grandmother Rivka Rebecca Babale Weiner were: Shmiel Leib Samuel Weiner and Brane Sternberg.