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From: Bruce Reisch <bir1_at_nysaes.cornell.edu>
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 11:51:38 -0400
To: czernowitz-L_at_cornell.edu
Reply-To: CZERNOWITZ-L_at_cornell.edu

<x-flowed>I've just moved the group to the Cornell University mailing list
facility. (I hope it's a successful move!)

Please let me know if you do NOT receive a "welcome" message with
instructions about the group. It begins like this:

Sender: listproc_at_cornell.edu
From: "Cornell University E-Mail-List Server LP04" <listproc_at_cornell.edu>
To: bir1_at_nysaes.cornell.edu

Dear user,

Your request

                         SUBSCRIBE CZERNOWITZ-L Bruce Reisch

has been successfully processed.

                ********** HOW TO POST TO THE LIST **********

Welcome to list CZERNOWITZ-L (CZERNOWITZ-L_at_cornell.edu). The system
has recorded
your address as


and it is required that you send your postings from this address.


and it goes on and on and on. The most important material is at the
end of the message.

I'd also like to Welcome three new members, Daniel Dauber and Roza
and Isak Shteyn. All three have lived in Czernowitz, and, in
addition, Roza and Isak once lived in Sadgura, too. I hope they will
send a note to us introducing themselves.


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