Reifler, Dauber, Steigman, Bartfeld and Dawber Families

From: Raanan S Isseroff <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 10:49:06 -0500

Dear Groupies Shalom!
I see everyone is putting out their names for the group as a kind of
"inaugeration" (Chanukas Habayis) of Bruces famed Chernowitz group, so I
will do so as well:

I am researching my Mothers Chernowitz families the Reiflers, Steigmans,
Steigmans and Bartfelds.

My mothers father Michel (Martin or Max) was a Reifler.
His father Wolf (Zev Wolf Really) was actually born a Stiegmann (however
this is spelled)
and later, he and his brothers took their mothers name Reifler to avoid
the army.

Wolf married Yetti (Ita) Dauber and Yettis moms name was Bartfeld.
Daubers spell the name Dauber and Dawber.

Got all that??

Now, the Reiflers split up. Wolfs mothers family, 3 brothers, moved to
Detroit to establish the Reifler Dynasty there. Wolfs brother Nathan
moved to Poughkeepsie and the other brother moved someplace around New
York I think.

The Daubers moved to England, Manchester I believe and according to what
I have read from Dauber researchers, there already was a large Dawber/
Dauber family that hearkened originally from "someplace in Austria".

Clara and Sam Dauber I believe moved here and the family lost track of

And this is my story....

Bruce, you are doing great!!
I would like to know if there this new service somehow archives all the
emails coming in ?
It would be a great resource for us to provide for someone looking for
Chernowitz / Sadigora Mishpucha.

Imagine this: One goes to the Chernowitz site and does a search of the
archived emails for his family name. Or....

One downloads the archived email file of Chernowitzers and does a simple
word search on his own using Word.

Are the emails coming in being saved someplace?
How about the old emails from the last few years?
Raanan Isseroff
Brooklyn USA

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