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<x-html><!x-stuff-for-pete base="" src="" id="0" charset=""><HTML><FONT FACE=arial,helvetica><FONT COLOR="#0000ff" SIZE=4 FAMILY="SANSSERIF" FACE="Arial" LANG="0">I guess it is my turn. My paternal grandmother, Lottie Stupp was born in Sadagura and married my grandfather Yisrul, known as Sam who was born in Kolomea as was my dad. Much of her family were shipped off to Siberia when the Russians had control of the area where all died with the exception of Binka Roll Stupp and her daughter Vera who now reside in Israel. When the Germans came in and Transnistria began, Those fortunate enough not to have been sent to Siberia escaped to the East and several survived, specifically Deborah and Miriam Stupp and Fritzi Brender Schiffer. Deborah currently resides in Munich with her husband and Miriam has since died, but her son resides in Israel. Fritzi is well and she and her daughter and grandchildren reside in the US. Fritzi moved to Cernowitz at age 10 and lived there until forced to flee. Fortunately, the Zeichne
r side of the family in Kolo!
mea, Jablonow, Jadova and Lucowicz fared somewhat better.
Saul Zeichner</FONT></HTML>

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