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<FONT size=4> Bruce,</FONT>
<FONT size=4>In the lastyears I have done some genealogical research
of my family and will send it to the "List" later. Meanwhile, I would like to
distribute some basicfacts and see what will be the reaction of other
<FONT size=4>My present name is: </FONT>
<FONT size=4>Yossef Eshet - born in Czernowitz as: Jerry
Wolf in 1936.</FONT>
<FONT size=4>My mother was MinaRuhmborn inSuzcava
(1900), and my</FONT>
<FONT size=4>Father was Oscar Wolf born in Czernowitz (1900).</FONT>
<FONT size=4>Mymaternal grandparents were: </FONT>
<FONT size=4>Rebecca - Babale Weiner born in Strozhinetz (1872?),
<FONT size=4>Isidor - Srul Ruhm (Nuchemowsky) born in
<FONT size=4>My paternal</FONT><FONT
<FONT size=4>Anna -Chana Neidborn in Molodia (1875),
<FONT size=4>Leon Wolf (Bernstein)born inCzernowitz
<FONT size=4>All thelocations are in Bukovina exceptStanislav
<FONT size=4>(today: Ivano Pavlovsk)which was in that time
<FONT size=4>Anyone of the subscribers who has information, or
questionsconcerning the names mentioned above, is invited to connect
<FONT size=4>By the way, if you remember, Imade a trip to Ukraine and
Romania last year and visited locations in Transnistria and Bukovina. I
thinkpeople can use the information Igathered on this
<FONT size=4>regards </FONT>
<FONT size=4>Yossi</FONT></BODY></HTML>

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