Re: CZERNOWITZ-L digest 10

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Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 13:13:30 EDT

<x-html><!x-stuff-for-pete base="" src="" id="0" charset=""><HTML><FONT FACE=arial,helvetica><FONT SIZE=2>Dear Bruce,

I seem to have trouble reading some of the items on the digest. The other day, half was in a regular background, then some of it came with a blue background, which is very hard to read. Plus it was all messed up. I have absolutely no trouble with the JewishGen digest or Ukraine or any other that we subscribe to.

Today's message contained one message which went on and on and on and on.. Out of curiousity, I copied and pasted it into a word document and had I printed this mess it would have been 16 pages!! I thought I was signing on to a digest. Sixteen pages of messed up gibberish is not a digest. Whoever sent it should learn how to set up a website and list a URL for people to read about this family if they are interested. I really don't want to have to continually scroll down and as I do, and it keeps getting more and more garbled. If you would like, I will forward it back to you exactly as I received it.

Sorry to be such a complainer, but this is not the first one that was so long. Remember, this is a digest and not a full book length novel.

Thanks for listening. I really am interested in Czernovitz as I think this is where my grandfather was from, and I am hoping that someday I will be able to verify this.

Perhaps we can meet at the conference as suggested.

Elaine Kaplan</FONT></HTML>

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