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I have birth records from Radautz dating from the 1870 to 1880. In each
birth record is listed a house number.
Does anyone have a map of the house #'s from that period?
Also noted: Midwife was KAROLINA BERSE (BOESS) ,
                     Circumcision: MENDLE ROTH ,
                      Physicians: OFFNER, JAKOB WACHEL
                      Rabbi: ISAK KUNSTADT
                      Name Giver: ELMER GEWOELB (Q. Is a name giver usually
a relative?)

My G.G. Grandfather HERMANN PORAS was "Imperial district physician of the
Sanitary Council #2."
Living in Radautz (1870 - 1890.) Does anyone know what area that covered
and would a physician at the time have an office or just take a horse to
visit the sick?

He then had a Sanitorium in SOLKA from about 1885 to 1902. Were they open
just in the summer or year round? When was the first train to Radautz?

Thanks for your help,


Joseph Poras

Researching: Radauti , Chernowitz : PORAS, WOLLINGER, FRAENKEL AMSTER All
1850 - 1900
                                   Lviv: BARDACH, JOSEPH WEISS, all 1850 -

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