Gold's Vol's 1 & 2 photos available

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Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2002 22:45:09 -0700
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Bukoviners, Czernowitzers, and others:

At Bruce's suggestion, I have scanned all
of the photos in Gold's two volumes
"Geschichte der Juden in der Bukowina".
They are on my website at:

Hopefully arrangements can be made to
upload the scans to JewishGen so they
can have a more permanent home along
with the translated text chapters.

The filenames are of the form 'v1p102-3'
which means: volume 1, the third plate from
page 102. You will have to use the 'back'
button on your browser to navigate through
the directory.

If you have particular interest in these
very interesting photos, I can burn a CD
with both volumes which contain the low
resolution jpg's for the net, as well as
the original large .bmp files, as they
came off the scanner. There are approximately
90 pictures in each format. The jpg's have
been post processed, but the .bmp's are, as I
said, just off the scanner. The large files
should be useful to those wishing to enhance a
particular photo or section thereof at high

If you wish the cd, please contact me privately
at for details. I will
be taking the website down in a few weeks
for a month's vacation, but back up in September.

Just a word about my site, it's running
out of my home on broadband, but it's
really not meant for multi user, hi volume
traffic. It should work ok as long as there
aren't too many folks on at the same time.

If it's slow, try later.

Best regards,
Jerome Schatten
Vancouver, B.C.

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