Czernovitz and Bershad

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Dear Mr Weissmann

I very much enjoyed reading the story of your trip to Czernovitz,
Sadagura and Bershad on the Shtetlinks Sadagura website. Bruce Reisch
advised me of your journey.

In June this year I did a similar trip, with 7 other members of my
family who all live in Israel. We also stayed at the Cheremosh Hotel,
and travelled by minibus to Bershad to visit the graves of my
grandparents and aunt who died in Bershad in December 1941 after the
long and difficult winter journey from Czernovitz, where they were born,
and where they lived until the deportation. Unfortunately, the graves
are unmarked, just a mound of grass. My mother (now 84 and here with me
in Melbourne, Australia) survived Bershad with her 2 older sisters and
their 2 children. These cousins are now aged 69 and 67, and they live
near Tel Aviv.

While in Bershad, we made enquiries about building a memorial stone to
commemorate the thousand Jewish dead who are buried in the Jewish
cemetery in Bershad. We were shown there, we lit candles and said
Kaddish. Now we have received plans and a quotation from the local
Jewish representative for erecting a stone, which will mention the
Bukovina victims of the Shoah who tragically died in that terrible
place. We wonder if others want to share the cost. Are you interested?
My cousin will soon be placing an advertisement in the Israel Bukoviner
newspaper also.

Please write back to me if you would like more information

Warm regards

Miriam Suss

Melbourne Australia
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