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Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 17:59:30 -0500
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Correction: the link is

Also, I'm not sure how good a city map that is, i.e.,
it seems to be a very large area with not all the
street detail, although that is how it appears to me
onscreen as I haven't yet printed it.


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>Hello and good luck on our new discussion group.
>I hope that this page will help many people in
finding the data they =
>search for. May I suggest adding two more links (at
least) :=20
> and
> =20
>The first includes a list of city streets in German
and Romanian (their =
>name equivalents) and the second includes a good
modern city map. This =
>information will be helpful for anyone who wishes to
go there to find =
>the right place.
>Best wishes

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