Czernowitz - New Book, Old Photos

From: Bruce Reisch <>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 08:47:41 -0400

<x-flowed>Dear Friends:

Several months ago, I heard about a new book of old Czernowitz photos
via Die Stimme, the monthly newspaper of the World Union of Bukowina
Jewry. I received a copy a few weeks ago, and some of you may wish
to have a copy, too.

"Czernowitz und die Bukowina 1890-1910 Album", Herausgegeben von
Helfried Seemann und Christian Lunzer.

I found my copy via, but it might show up soon
via used book dealers. On, (you have be able to read
German), it is listed as Czernowitz 1880-1930, but it is really
1890-1910 (same book, but has it wrong.)

The hard-cover book cost about 20 Euros, and shipping by surface to
the U.S. cost about 15 Euros and took 2 months.

More than half of the book consists of Czernowitz photos, and the
reproductions are excellent, of high quality, and printed on glossy
paper. The other half of the book has photos of all the major
villages in Bukowina (Radautz, Sadagora, Suceava, Storzhynetz, etc.)
plus many minor ones as well (Solka, Putna, and many more).

One of our group members found a picture of his great grandfather's
Sanatorium in Solka, the first picture he's ever seen of it.

Most of the photos are by photographer L. Konig, but a few other
photographers are included as well.

Bruce Reisch
Geneva, New York

Researching: REISCH, SCHECHTER, FEUERSTEIN - Sadgura, Bukowina, Ukraine
Solca, Bukowina, Romania
WEISSMAN - Brody, Galicia, Ukraine SCHACHTER, HELLMANN - Okup, Ukraine

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