Pinkas Kehilot Romania Volume 2

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<FONT face="Graphite Light ATT">Hello </FONT>
<FONT face="Graphite Light ATT"></FONT>
<FONT face="Graphite Light ATT">In themailthat I've
(index)list with page number attached from the Pinkas Kehilot.
Only several parts of BukowinaPinkas Kehilot Romania Volume 2<FONT
face="MS Sans Serif"> </FONT>have beentranslated - justthree
Kehilot </FONT><FONT face="Graphite Light ATT">(Sadagura, Radauti and
Siret),because itwas all originallywrittenin
Hebrew.It is a known fact that some of the Kehilot are missing, probably
because of a tooscarce data about them or because of some other
<FONT face="Graphite Light ATT">The data can be obtained from the Beit
HaTfutsot (the Diaspora Museum ) in Tel Aviv or from the Yad VaShem in Jerusalem
or from a Jewish Life encyclopedia.</FONT>
<FONT face="Graphite Light ATT"></FONT>
<FONT face="Graphite Light ATT">Best wishes,</FONT>
<FONT face="Graphite Light ATT">Marc Goldberger
Researching: GOLDBERGER, GOLDENBERGER and TAU(from Siret and
Czernowitz ), ZLOTNIK (from Kamenets Podolskiy), SLOWITZ, SLUWITZ, SLOVITCH,

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