Memorial ceremony for holocaust victims of Siberia and Transnistria

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Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 16:30:07 +0200
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I bring to you a ceremony report at 15.10.2002 a memorial service to
Bukowina Jews which perished in Siberia and Transnistria was held at Bazel
hotel in Tel Aviv.

The ceremony was held in the presence of the Chef Rabbi of Israel - Rabbi
Meir Lau, Chairman of World union of Bukowinian Jews, former Knesset member,
Adv. Mr. Yitzhak Artzi and 100 survivors, aged 70 - 85.

At the beginning cantor read Kadish, El male rachamim and from Book of

Later 3 speeches were addressed:

1. A survivor from Transnistria, who writes a book about a research he
conducted. The research is very interesting and says that the holocaust of
Bukowinian and Bessarabian Jews started immediately and not when Ghettos
erected and the deportation to Transnistria started. For example: in July -
September 1941 150,000 Jews were killed in Bukowina and Bessarabia, while
during next 30 months more than 250,000 Jews were killed in Transnistria.
He also talked about Romanian government denial to acknowledge its
responsibility for killing of Jews and its refusal to discuss compensation
for assets confiscation, deportation, forced labour, torture and
assassination of Jews.
2. Mr. Artzi talked about activities of the organization he is a chairman
of. He greeted the volunteers and asked the present men to bring the second
generation closer to be active in the organization, so that there will be
people attending this ceremony. He also said that the organization supports
80 people who need nursing care and publishes a newspaper called " Die
Stimme". The organization needs contributions.
3. Rabbi Meir Lau talked about his meeting with former mayor of New York Ed
Cats. The main message was that ant Jews anywhere is a Holocaust Survivor
because according to nazi plans all the Jews were supposed to disappear. An
additional message is that holocaust is not only graves and killing pits but
also a research of the communities which disappeared, their culture and

Best wishes,

      Marc Goldberger

Researching: GOLDBERGER, GOLDENBERGER and TAU (from Siret and Czernowitz ),
                    SLOWITZ, SLUWITZ, SLOVITCH, SLUVITCH (from Berdichev)
                    ZLOTNIK (from Kamenets Podolskiy),

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