Volovec vs Vilyavche?

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<font color="#000000">On November 6, Lois Freedman asked whether
it is possible that the towns of Vilyavche and Volovec might be one
and the same?

The website &quot;The Karlswalde Web Pages&quot;
lists both these towns:

<b>Vilyavche</b> 48,20 N 25,22 E
<b>Volovec</b> 48,43 N 23,11 E

This is confimed on the Jewish Gen Stetl Seeker
http://www.jewishgen.org/ShtetlSeeker/loctown.htm :

</x-tab>Coordinates<x-tab> </x-tab>
</x-tab>4820 2522<x-tab>
</x-tab>Ukraine<x-tab> </x-tab>273.1 miles WSW of Kiev

</x-tab>4843 2311<x-tab>
</x-tab>Ukraine<x-tab> </x-tab>348.9 miles WSW of Kie

Victoria Barkoff,
Montreal, Canada<x-tab>
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