Czernowitz discussion: Newly-located cousin

From: Bernie Levy <>
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 17:43:42 -0500
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<x-charset ISO-8859-15>I have just within the last week or so come into contact with a cousin
on my mother's side. I have spoken with him by phone a couple of times
so far, and have mailed him a descendents report of everyone on that
side as well as some group sheets for him to update with information
that I don't have.

He is in his 70s, is a Holocaust survivor, moved to the USA in 1955, and
is the first living one I have known who remained in Europe after all
the other known ancestors and cousins last immigrated in 1910-1912. He
also mentioned an uncle who remained in Russia and another who went to

He mentioned Czernovitz but so far I don't know if he last lived in the
city or just nearby. Several of the towns that I have prior info on
where this branch lived were about 40 miles west of Czernovitz
 (Chernivtsi/ovtsi) including Beregomet (formerly Berhometh) and Migovo
(formerly Mihowa).

I am looking forward to further conversations and the receipt of the
updated group sheets.

Bernie Levy
Stamford, CT

KAUDERER, BURG, ALTMAN - Bukowina area in Ukraine
LEVY, POSMONTIER - Biezun (?), Poland
ACKERMAN - Kretinga, Lithuania
DREBIN/DREBEN - Lithuania; Poltava, Ukraine

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