Romanian Holocaust - a new account, just published

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<TABLE border=0>
    <TH width=192>Volume II, Number 535
    <TD width=227>Friday, December 27, 2002 </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><FONT
size=6><I>ISRANET</I> DAILY BRIEFING</FONT><FONT size=5>A Service of
<I>CIJRCanadian Institute for Jewish Research</FONT>To Our
Readers</I>: Gisela Tamler, a survivor of the Romanian Holocaust, has
published her memoir, <I>Before and After</I>, which describes the inhuman
treatment and horrible conditions inflicted upon Jewish deportees to
Transnistria. Her memoir is not only a story of personal tragedy and hope, but
also a vivid record of how the Romanian fascists vilified, isolated and tried to
exterminate the Jewish population. Copies of her book may be purchased through
CIJR. Contact us at <FONT color=#0000ff><U></U></FONT> for
further details.

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