[Cz-L] - The "New" Jewish Cemetery of Zhvanets

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Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 21:51:07 EST
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GREAT NEWS: an intact Jewish Cemetery (with 1,500 stones) in ZHVANETS in SW
Ukraine (near Kamenets-Podolskiy and also near Chernivtsi) has been newly
identified. Your advice and help is needed to help rescue it.

When my wife and I were in ZHVANETS (my mother's side) this summer we were
taken by the town Mayor to the "new" (post 1900?) Jewish cemetery. It was
about 1/2 mile off the beaten track, next to the Christian cemetery.

It was totally overgrown with trees, bushes, and grasses. We managed to push
our way a little into it and take a few photographs. Since then, through our
guide and interpreter, I asked the Mayor to do a more thorough survey of the
size and condition of the new cemetery.

Except for damage caused by weather, time, tree roots and some animals, the
Mayor says the cemetery appears relatively intact. There has apparently
been no vandalism (maybe because of its location).

A small group of us (whose families also came from Zhvanets) have begun to
develop a network of people with interest and experience in cemetery rescue.
I have also been in touch with the Heritage Foundation for Preservation of
Jewish Cemeteries (HFPJC).

An intact cemetery is rare, as we all know, so we urge all those with any
interest in this town and/or expertise in a rescue effort to contact us.

Marcus Byruck
(JewishGen researcher 70552)
Family Names from Zhvanets: TOBER (TOIBER, TAUBER, TOYBER), NUDELMAN
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