[Cz-L] Help finding towns on Sereth River

From: Bruce Reisch <bir1_at_nysaes.cornell.edu>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 23:41:15 -0500
To: Czernowitz-L_at_cornell.edu
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<x-flowed>Dear Czernowitzers:

Over the weekend, I was contacted by a family planning a trip to
Bukovina this summer. They're related to the Jaegendorf family - her
great Uncle was Mr. Jagendorf of "Jagendorf's Foundry", a book about
man who was able to save a large number of Jews from deportation to
Transnistria. They are looking for the following two towns, which
should be on or near the Sereth River in Bukowina:

Chuchiveni - or Ciuchuveni?

The spellings are probably not correct, especially for the first town
name. The family had owned flour mills in these towns, and her
grandfather spoke often about Chuchiveni. If anyone can help me out
with the current names and/or precise coordinates, I'll pass this
information along to the family.

Many thanks,

Bruce Reisch
Geneva, New York
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