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Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 19:47:52 EST
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Regarding: "Galizien", Eine Reise durch die verschwundene Welt
Ostgaliziens und der Bukowina, von Martin Pollack, Insel Taschenbuch

Also about Sadagura, Kolomea, Brody, Czernowitz, Stanislau, Sambor,
Drorobyzc is written there.

It is a book about Czernowitz and the Bukowina, more about the towns of
Galizien, a lost world, disappeared like the island Atlantis...with
pictures from Lemberg, Czernowith/it is the picture from the
Hauptstrasse, opposite the town hall, not of the Herrengasse, never
mind, in every book are faults...friendly Hedwig

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