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From: Jane Reifer <cluttercontrol_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 06:55:11 EST
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Hello all,

It is currently being discussed about adding the longitude and latitude to
the Czernowitz website, as well as variant names and spellings in the
various languages for Czernowitz, such as:

Current Official Name: Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Larger administrative unit: Chernivetska Oblast

Name Variants:
Czernowitz (German)
Cernauti (Romanian)
Chernovtsy (Russian)
Chernivtsi (Ukrainian)
Tschernovits (Yiddish)
Csernovic (Hungarian)
Czerniowce (Polish)

Other spellings: Cernivci, Chernovtsi, Chernovits, Chernovitsy,
Chernovitz, Chernovcy, Chernovicy, Chernovtsy, Chernowitz,
Czernovitz, Tschernowitz, Tshernevits, Tchernowcy

It would also be great to include spellings with Cyrillic, Yiddish and
Hebrew characters. Can anyone supply these in a GIF format to our fearless
webmaster, Jerome?

Also, any additions or corrections to the list would be welcome.

Thank you in advance,

Jane Reifer
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