[Cz-L] "Die osterreichisch-ungarische Monarchie in Wort und Bild"

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Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 22:07:57 EST
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Dear all,

On ebay there is currently a magnificent book on offer - "Die
osterreichisch-ungarische Monarchie in Wort und Bild" (which translates as
"The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in Words and Pictures"), the volume on the
Bukowina, published in Vienna in 1899.

The description goes thus: "An incredibly detailed, over-arching tour of the
then Austro-Hungarian province of Bukowina, today divided between Poland,
Slovakia and Ukraine. Lavishly published in Vienna in 1899 by the Hapsburgs
own Imperial press as a celebration of this regions. A work which absolutely
overflows drawings and sketches, depicting not only individual towns,
villages and cities, but also much of the regions folk culture and artistic
heritage, including its main towns of Tarnopol and Czernowitz. (532) pages.
This is the Deluxe Imperial Edition of a work which is already very scarce
in the normal print edition, here enclosed in marvelously gilt-embossed
decorated binding with full gilt titles along the spine, and an original
chromolithograph. The binding itself is an absolute masterpiece of period
book design and an artwork in its own right, while the internals form a work
of astounding depth on these regions. In beautiful original condition with
nearly perfect boards, NO foxing, and the publishers original cloth bookmark
bound in at center."

It is worth taking a look at this on ebay, as the magnificent binding and
quite a number of the illustrations are reproduced.

Unfortunately the bidding, which opened at $249.99, has now reached $436!
But if anyone in our group feels inclined to spend some serious money on
what looks like a most interesting book, and then were to post interesting
information / pictures to the site, I am sure that we would all be deeply

Best regards to all,

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