[Cz-L] Additional references on Moghilev-Podolsk

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<x-flowed>Denise and others may also wish to see these additional references on
the subject:

"My childhood in the shadow of the holocaust" by Mali Haimovitch-Hirsh)

Shattered! 50 Years of Silence: voices from Romania and Transnistria
tragedy; By Felicia Steigman-Carmelly ; Scarborough, Ont., Canada:
Abbeyfield Pub., 1996. A very significant accounting of the tragic
exile to Transnistria. This book is still in print or available
used, but much (or all) is found at this web site:

Holocaust in Rumania, by Matatias Carp. A detailed accounting of the
tragedies and events in Romania, including Bukowina. Entire book is
available online as a "pdf" file.
This book is available as an Acrobat pdf file:

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