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Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 13:41:25 -0400
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<x-flowed>Dear Friends:

I just learned this morning that my friend, Fritzi Schiffer (nee
Brender), recently passed away. Fritzi was born in Sadagora. Some
of you early members of the "Sadagoran's United" email discussion
group will remember Fritzi as one of our initial sources of
first-hand information about the town of our ancestors, and she
freely shared her thoughts and memories with us. She also
contributed a number of photographs to the Sadagora ShtetLinks web
site, along with her cousin Saul Zeichner.

For those of you who knew Fritzi, feel free to contact her daughter
Anna at the address below. She wrote " I would be very grateful if
you would let the other internet friends know about Mom's passing.
It would be much easier for me if you did that, because I can't tell
her contacts' true identities from their screen names. . . . All
are welcome to contact us by e-mail or phone, if they wish. "

Anna's email address is below. Please let me know if you would like
her phone number.


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Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 11:33:17 EDT
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I regret to inform you about the unexpected and sudden passing of my
mother, Fritzi Schiffer. We're still in shock, despite the fact that
we got up from shiva a couple of days ago. See link to the obituary
in our local paper <http://www.montclairtimes.com/page.php?page=7437>
I know that my mother corresponded with you regarding a shared
interest in the history of Czernowitz and Bukovina. She spoke highly
of you and appreciated your dedication to the history of her
hometown. If you think I could also help, please don't hesitate to


Anna Schiffer
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