[Cz-L] Koffler family from Czernowitz

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Date: Sun, 2 May 2004 21:44:12 EDT
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This message was posted on JewishGen today:
While sorting through philatelic material for sale at auction, I came
across an envelope which i had never really examined. It is from a
woman(I think) named Koffler living in Czernowitz, Roumania and is
addressed to Isack Porter in Richon le Zion bei Jaffa. While most of
my covers have no personal interest, this one contains a letter written
in German. I have not attempted to read it. Please contact me
privately if this letter might involve someone in your family. If a
number of people respond, I'll either make a solomonic judgement with
respect to who should have it, or more likely, I'll provide copies.

Lewis Stein
Boynton Beach, FL

(from Merle Kastner, Montreal)
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