[Cz-L] Czernowitzer Geschichten by Andrei Corbea-Hoisie

From: Miriam R. Taylor <mtaylor_at_bio.indiana.edu>
Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 17:06:39 EDT
To: CZERNOWITZ-L <CZERNOWITZ-L_at_cornell.edu>
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Dear Czernowitzers,

To those of you who might have wondered whether it would be worth
while obtaining this book; I would like to say that it is a very informative
book about the cultural and social developments which made Czernowitz
the kind of place it was. It is written as a series of academic essays and
the language is often difficult and replete with academic jargon. Contrary
to my expectations the author is the grandson of Jewish Czernowitzers
who were deported to Transnistria but lived to tell about it and about
prewar Czernowitz. His writing is informed by the sensibilities inherent
in such a family history.

All the best,
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