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Greetings Czernowitzers!

1. A few days ago I discovered a very interesting text of a speech about
Czernowitz given by a Dutch writer/poet/historian -- Beno Barnard. Check
Well worth a read I thought and perhaps some discussion?

2. From my last post to the group, Berti Glaubach responded to several of my
questions about the Pruth bridge pictures and the Bukovina map here is what
he had to say:

[...] Here is what I can contribute as background (half) knowledge.

The iron bridge constructed by the London firm was errected near an older
one later demolished (you can see both bridges on plate 13) that could not
be used any more because of continued damages incurred by occasional high
water levels on the Pruth. In 1953/4 I was in regular army service with the
IDF, had a civilian colleague, forgot his name, who was then about 80 years
old, and had actually been employed as a young engineer in that project on
the Prut. I think he described it as being accomplished in 1895/6. Surely
on some other plate - there must be a date on shop drawings made in England
there is always a date.. Nice to see the details of profiles, bolts and
plates of a bridge I must have passed many times. Would like to see the
better resolutions.

The railway bridge was a little to the north, had bigger spans, and was
arc-supported. The handwriting says " 6 Artill. Regiment in der Bukowina ,
Herbst (automn) 1917", must have been taken by somebody in this regiment
after the bridge was blown up. In World War 1 it was damaged several times,
mostly in 1917, by ( I think) the retreating Russian army - after third
Russian invasion as they said in Czernowitz.

  I witnessed both bridges beeing blown up in spring1944 when the Germans
retreated without putting up much of a fight arround the town.

The map is from a brochure published in 1907 " Illustrierter Fuehrer durch
die Bukowina" to promote local tourism , entirely redone in 2002 by
Mandelbaum Verlag Wien with this map and also Czernowith town map added.
[this refers to the material at:
http://czernowitz.dnsalias.org/new/website/index.htm ]

3. I received an e-mail from Tilford Bartman this morning which I pass on in
its entirety below. If you have any information about this, perhaps you
could write to both Tilford and our list?

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> Hi,
> Just want to let you know that I was in Czernowitz last September. I
> there on my way from Bialystok to Warsaw. I visited the agricultural
> there which was quite interesting. It just so happens that at the
> agricultural museum they have a little plot where there are some Jewish
> matzevah's that were recovered from the area. Also the elderly former head
> of the museum told us where he thought there was an old foundation that
> contained some matzevahs that were used for it's construction. They were
> just outside the town in a rural area on the banks of a river. I forgot
> name of the river. Anyway he was nice enough to accompany us there. We
> there may be as many as 12 of them. I took a picture where you can make
> Hebrew lettering on one of the stones. I have a picture of it on my
> For your interest I'll put a link bellow.
> Tilford Bartman

4. I received the following this morning from Judy Breitman, and will ask
Bruce by way of this missive, to add Judy to the list of members. Here's the
e-mail; I'm sure there are better respondents out there than I to answer her
question about searching out her family:

From: "Judy Breitman" <jbreitman_at_earthlink.net>
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Subject: newbie

> I just found the Czernovitz web site. How exciting. I have some photos and
> ancestors from Bukovina, Czernovitz, Austria. How can I ask about what
> happened to those that did not come to America? Thank you so much.
> Judy Breitman

A warm welcome to Judy, and I will send her information about how to get her
photographs up on the site.

That's it for now...
Best regards,
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