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Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2004 21:24:50 EDT
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Czernowitzers... In working on the spreadsheet, I've come across a month old
e-mail from Elaine Kaplan that got lost in my files. I'm sending it out to
you in hopes that you can help Elaine. I've added the info to the
spreadsheet and will also put in the 'Help Identify/Find' section on the
website. But in the meantime, perhaps someone on the list has some
suggestions for Elaine.


My grandfather always stated that he came from Czernowitz. However, in
reviewing the little that I know about him, I believe that he was born
Adolf Agatstein born 1878
Came to the USA December 1899
  Town listed as coming from Molodja
Per naturalization papers, he was born in Dereluy.

Married Sabina Teitelbaum from Sniatyn and both came to USA in 1899

Both these towns are a few miles from Czernovitz and I have maps from the
Library of Congress indicating their locations and also have coordinates.
I do not know of ANY of his relatives, except that on a niece's (?)
immigration record it states she was going to an uncle Adolf Agatstein and
coming from her father in Czernowitz.

Please add my information to your lists if I haven't already sent it

Also, could you advise where and how I could go about finding any records

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Elaine Sanders Kaplan
Coconut Creek, Florida

Searching: Agatstein - Dereluy, Czernowitz
Teitelbaum, Hernes from Sniatyn - Galicia
Sandner, Kriegel, Schwalbendorf from Sambor and Drohobych, Galicia
Teichholz, Teitelbaum, Scharf from Tarnopol, Galicia

e-mail: kasakaplan_at_aol.com
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