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From: Miriam R. Taylor <mtaylor_at_bio.indiana.edu>
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 23:06:48 EDT
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Dear Czernowitzers,

On my recent visit to Czernowitz, I was appalled at the condition of
the Jewish cemetery. It was considerably worse than last year. I fear
that the unrestrained growth of bushes and trees will eventually
destroy the graves and tombstones. There is a new administrator for
both the Jewish and Christian cemeteries. She told me that they only
have two people to take care of both cemeteries, and indeed the
Christian cemetery is just as overgrown as the Jewish one, except for
the newer sections which are maintained by relatives who live in the
area. She further told me that in order to clear the cemetery of trees
and bushes and keep it clear, it would be necessary to chop down the
vegetation and use herbicides to kill the roots. Such work would have
to be supervised by her, in order that tombstones and graves would
not be damaged and the herbicide would have to be approved by the
local equivalent of the EPA, to insure that it neither seeped into the
water supply nor damaged the tombstones and monuments. I am
fairly certain that a suitable, probably hormone based herbicide, can
be found and that it would not be too expensive to apply. The initial
clearing of the rampant vegetation is a far more complicated and
expensive enterprise.

As you may remember, earlier this summer Melita wrote a letter to
this list in which she raised similar concerns about the cemetery and
suggested that we get the assistance of the HFPJC to both clear and
maintain the cemetery in years to come. The cost of an appraisal by
the HFPJC is $300 and there are enough of us who answered Melita's
letter, to pay for this initial appraisal. The problem will be in raising
enough money for the work itself and that is why I would like those of
you who are willing to support this project to inform Melita, also those
of you who have active connections to "Die Stimme", would you raise
this issue with the readers?

If we do not do it, who will?
And if not now, when?

Best regards and a belated "shavua tov", Mimi
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