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Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 07:53:35 EDT

Czernowitzers -- Continuing the thread of 'class photos': Once again Lilian
Madfes has gone to her shoe box and this time has found the original framed
1938 Graduation photograph -- the one from which, I believe Peter Elbau made
the photos of the graduates (see below). Lilian carefully removed this gem
from it's frame and scanned it for us in high resolution. If you wish a
high-rez copy of this photo just send me a note an I'll send it to you by
return email. It's around a megabyte so be prepared. I have posted a
somewhat lower resolution version (still excellent quality) with Lilian's
other Czernowitz School Photos on the website (see the Pre 1945 Photographs

Best regards,

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> Dear Friends:
> With all the interest in class photos of late, please note that
> photos of the 1938 graduates of Gymnasium Marele Voivod Mihai, now
> appear on Peter Elbau's landmark website <>.
> The direct link to the photos is
> <>. This class includes Paul
> Antschel (also known as Paul Celan)!
> Best always,
> Bruce
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