Re: [Cz-L] Location of Cafe de L'Europe

From: David Glynn <>
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 09:04:22 EDT
To: "Lucca Ginsburg" <>, "Czernowitz list" <>

Lucca and Yossi, Thank you for answering my question, and Lucca - thanks
also for the second email with the exact location of the Cafe L'Europe.

Now, I have a slight mystery which I hope that somebody will be able to

On my "Plan von Czernowitz" from the Austrian period, the first street on
the left when going up the Herrengasse from the Ringplatz is shown as
Blumengasse, not Dr Rothgasse. However I think this is the correct street,
because on the 1941 Stadtplan (on the web site) it is marked "Ale Buncel",
which is in agreement with Yossi's "Alexandru cel Bun".

So can anyone confirm that Blumengasse and Dr Rothgasse really are the same?
Does anyone know why the name was changed?

Incidentally, my interest in the Cafe L'Europe was sparked by my acquiring
an old postcard showing it. If anyone is interested I could scan it and
send a copy to Jerome.

Best regards to all,

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