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Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 08:44:04 EST
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To Dick Conoboy's photos and remarks:
This is actually a personal question for Mr. Conoboy, but since I don't have
his direct e-mail, it must go through the group:
In the 40ties, in Czernowitz, during and after the war, we had a very gifted
actor/comedian by the name of Rinzler. I personally, still a very young
girl, never missed one of his performances. He had a daughter, a very
talented violonist, Henny Rinzler, who occasionally conducted the theatre
I was told that their family was always performance-oriented. I really don't
know what happened to them, because those times were so volatile and we
could hardly keep track of people.
Anyway, does Mr. Conoboy know about his family's connection to the theatre?
Lucca Ginsburg
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