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Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 02:20:56 -0400

Dear friends,

I left Chernivtsi on Saturday morning, am now in Maramures.
Everything in Chernivtsi is really going well.

To all those who asked about graves of relatives:
The cemetery is in an unbelievable state, except for the area
which has been cleared now, it is impassable. Bushes and creepers
fill every inch. Please do not ask the volunteers to find graves
or photograph them.

The city has hired a man with a chainsaw who cuts the bushes and the
saplings and the volunteers drag the cut brush to the center path, then
to an empty space, where they are later burned. This is not simple,
because the stumps of the bushes remain about 3" above ground and it is
easy to stumble over them. The temperature was around 90 degrees

I will be home on Friday and will write more. In the meantime, thanks
to all who have written,




> Hi Andrew,
> What is happening ,you ask ?
> As you must have read ,Mimi is in town and doing superbly:
> 1. The cemetery project - better than expected.
> 2. The Popovici plate project - progressing.
> 3. The Yiddish language conference - taking place.
> 4. The Jewish Museum - opening.
> What is there left to write about ?
> We Czernowitzer write only if we have something to complain about.
> You just wait for Mimi's return - new waves of aftershock will
> rock the Ehpes !
> Just a few more days .
> Hardy
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