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Hi jossi! Just wanted to say,it ain't as bad as all that. I found the
graves of my grandparents and of an uncle,and then i found a man named
Leonid Lifshits who gets $100 a year for which he has maintained the graves
and very carefully used black paint to redo the gravestone inscriptions so
they look like new. If you would like i can put you in contact with him.
And as far as the volunteers go,i very much share your sentiments.

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Dear All
 I excuse myself in advance for unintentionally hurting anybody's feelings.
I don't know how many of you did actually arrange a cleanup or renovation of

one or a few graves there. I did, and I can tell you it is not an easy task
(saying the less), and it costs money! ( not a small sum). Now a group of
people from all over the world (or part of it) with no emotional ties to the

place just for pure altruistic reason volunteered to give (donate) their
time and efforts to do something to improve the situation there. No matter
how much they did - I consider it a miracle. Not to speak of how their
action affected the locals and the Municipality. I am sitting now in front
of my computer as those of you who read this and ask myself: What have I
done for this effort? How can I show my gratitude to those people? For those

who remember, people in Czernowitz used to say: "What should somebody do who

had a run of bad luck and is out of "Parnuse"? - " He can become " An
Eitsesgiber" . I intentionally do not include the much deserved praise to
Mimi which needs a separate letter.
  Yosef Eshet, Raanana, Israel

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