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Hi, there is also a major problem with the ukraine's population...the
western Ukrainian-speaking people...who were the ruthenians of the
empire..are looking to the west, but the eastern Russian speakers are very
much in the Moscow camp. cornel

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Mimi wrote "It is likely that the Ukraine will be admitted to the EU in

I do not think this is very likely. At the moment there is not even any
agreement that Ukraine should be admitted, and when (and if) such agreement
is made, there is likely to be a long period before admission takes place.
And agreement does not at present seem very likely to be forthcoming, since
at present all the energies of the EU are concerned with how to overturn the
Irish referendum, so that the Lisbon treaty (the "Constitution" by another
name) can be implemented. And even after that, there is the major problem
of Turkey's admission; Turkey is next in the "queue", but there is strong
political opinion in several countries against admitting Turkey. It does
not seem likely that anything would happen with Ukraine until all this is


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