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Dear Mr. Wexler,
I am wondering whether your grandmother was somehow related to Moishe Dorf,
who was the owner of a rather large apartment building at Tuerkengasse ecke
Landhausgasse. His daughter was married to Mr. Alperin (I am not sure
whether he was a Czernowitzer by birth). One of his granchildren was my
classmate and his elder brother, Yitzhak Alperin (in Hebrew "Alpan"), was a
Professor at the Technion in Haifa. You may wish to check with Mrs. Lucca
Ginsburg who lived across the street at Landhausgasse 13B.
All the best, Abraham Kogan

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> Hi All,>
> My name is Kevin Wexler, I have been on the e-list for a year or two.
> My paternal grandmother, Yenta Dorf was born in?Czernowitz a century ago.
> I work as a photographer/journalist in New Jersey (just outside of
> NYC)?and?may be doing a story?on Czernowitz.
> If you are going for the?anniversary?celebration in October I would be
> interested in touching base with you.
> I'am interested in memories you may have of the city and why you are going
> there.?
> Whether you were born there, doing research on ancestors or just going for
> the celebration please feel free
> to contact me off the list at
> Thanks,
> Kevin
> PS: If you know of other Czernowitz list serves I would also like to know-
> thanks again

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