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Dear Mr. Zisels,
I am a member of the Cz list-serv. I have also written a PhD
Doctorate about the Jewish identities of Czernowitz and Bukovina from
the origin until the end of the World War II.
My PhD thesis had 910 pages and the part devoted to the period of the
Shoah was one third.
I cannot imagine that an interesting and historically founded work
could be done in excluding the "last period" of the Jews of
Czernowits and Bukovina.
The history of this dark period is completely intricated with the
construction of the identities of the Jews in the region.
I know that you can collect a lot of material on the
Austro-Hungarian, on the shtetlekh of the region, on the German and
Yiddish languages, on the integration in Great Rumania, etc.
Nevertheless, I continue to think that such a Museum without the
years 1940-1945 (including the Sovietic year) could only give a false
iamge of the history of the Jews in the region.
With my best regards
Dr. Florence Heymann
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