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Dear Mrs Anna Lenchovska,
   Thank Mr Zissels very much for his answer.
      I understand the funding problems and the little room available.
       If this is the problem I would reduce the quantity of exhibits but
include all periods.
          If it was my choice I would start with the Holocaust ,but a small
           but comprehensive exhibit would also be very satisfactory.
               Please let us know in what language Mr Zissels corresponds.
                  I would very much like to write him directly.
                    Thank you again for your answer
                                   Hardy Breier

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> Dear Alti Rodal,
> Hardy Breier
> Jerome Schatten
> Miriam Taylor
> and respectful members of the Cz-List,
> As Josef Zissels unfortunately neither speaks and nor reads English he
> asked me to answer you to move the correspondence quicker. He just
> returned today from week trip, so please sorry for the delay.
> Thank you very much for your letters and concern for the museum.
> Creation of this museum is an idea of Josef Zissels and several museum
> professionals in Czernowitz,
> till now they have only 3 rooms and lack of people and lack of funding to
> reconstruct the full history of Bukovina Jewry.
> The exhibition that will be opened in summer _will be just a start for the
> museum_, during the celebration of 600 anniversary it is planned to
> fundraise and to expand the museum space, to have more rooms devoted to
> other periods (and of course to the Holocaust in Bukovyna region).
> Also there are plans to create a separate museum devoted to the Holocaust
> in Bukovina. Mr. Zissels together with Chernowitz Jewish community have
> achieved to restitute the building on the former Jewish cemetery (the
> restitution process only starts in Ukraine). There is an intention of one
> Austrian sponsor together with Chernowitz Jewish community to create a
> Holocaust museum there.
> Please let me know your thoughts and questions.
> Warm regards,
> Anna Lenchovska
> Personal assistant of Josef Zissels
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