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Dear all,

I think that collectively we have made a very strong case and have
had an impact on the organizers of the museum. They now seem prepared
to include the wartime chapter in the exhibit being assembled for the
600th anniversary. I agree with Mimi that this chapter, important as
it is, should not dominate the exhibit that celebrates the richness
of Jewish life in Czernowitz before the war. I would now encourage
our group to act as follows: (a) contribute photos and other material
to enhance the pre-war portion of the exhibit, while keeping an eye
on how the exhibit evolves to ensure that it appropriately includes
reference to the wartime events; and
(b) welcome the next phase proposed by Mr. Zissels - the
establishment of a memorial museum (possibly in the restored temple
at the cemetery or more centrally in the present cinema on the site
of the destroyed reform temple), which would be dedicated to the
Holocaust period and include a more developed account of the
Czernowitz ghetto, the massacres and deportations (not only in
Czernowitz but in the whole of Bukovina), and the camps in

In the light of the above, the "overview exhibit" now being assembled
should also include a panel on postwar Jewish life in Chernovtsy,
which would have resonance with the large numbers of people who
emigrated since the 1970s. They too are part of the story, but given
that their experience is not that unique in relation to other Jewish
communities in the Soviet Union, a separate museum would be hard to

Bruce, you have my permission to share this note with the Cz-L group,
if you think it useful.

All best,

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